Next Level of Collabration Between IIM - Global Psytech

On a fine, lovely afternoon of 30 March 2023, Global Psytech Sdn Bhd (GPSB) was invited for a friendly visit to our long-time strategic partner, the Malaysian Institute of Integrity (IIM).

Dr. Haniza Yon, CEO and Founder of GPSB, accompanied by Manager of Business Operations, Ms. Zareena Izmin Ismail, were received by IIM’s CEO, YBhg. Datuk Wan Suraya Wan Mohd Radzi, Ms. Nelly Mansin, Head of Integrity Instrument Assessment Section, and a line-up of IIM’s senior management team members. Among the topics of discussion include GPSB and IIM moving forward as strategic business partners in providing solutions for Malaysian-based and international organisations.

The partnership between GPSB as the behavioural analytic solutions organisation and IIM as the training and product solutions provider comes as an opportune business venture because of Malaysia’s emphasis on curbing corruption and other types of malpractice, as well as the world’s concern on proper governance are in place in all levels of society. Together, GPSB and IIM will be able to help and provide the necessary interventions that are data-based and not just perception or presumption.

Now that the focus on environment, social, and governance have taken the limelight to be taken seriously into business consideration and sustainability, it is even more crucial that organisations have put in place the right person for the right job, built the fundamental of ethical workplace, and the leaders leading by example.

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